The Story

Act One, Scene One

The deck of the Good Ship Bounteous. A storm out at sea.

As the crew struggle to steer the ship to safety, the man they are keeping captive in their galley escapes. His name is Jackal. As he dives overboard to escape his captors the ship is broken in two by a violent wave. Jackal clings to wreckage and sinks into unconsciousness.

As he slips away we flashback to his trial where he is charged with deception against the kingdom of Periculum. He has consorted with a harmless dragon to create a fake threat on the city. The dragon in reality is only able to create the illusion of fire, it contains no heat. We see him judged and sentenced to branding by tattoo (a tattoo of the dragon) and deportation to a distant convict island.


Act One, Scene Two

The land of Amoria is ruled by a kind and benevolent king, Danelforth the Third. His people are happy and healthy. They can be heard singing songs of joy, celebration and love for their king from the coastal regions to the northern hills and southern sands.

One day on the shores of the Forgetful Sea, at the heart of Amoria’s western coast, the remains of the Bounteous are washed ashore. With it the body of a dragon tattooed man. Upon finding the wreck the local people presume that the body is lifeless, only to find the young man is clinging on to life. They revive him and take him back to their village. At the same time, in keeping with the laws of the land a hawk is dispatched to the capital to inform the king and his advisers of the stranger’s arrival.

The young man awakes and tells the villager elders his name is Jackal and that he must get to the capital with urgent news. He sets off on his journey and as he does he calls out to his old pal Eve, the dragon to help him repeat the deception. She responds and reluctantly agrees when Jackal reminds her that he knows the whereabouts of her lost child. A secret he will tell her when they have earned their rewards.

Act One, Scene Three

Jackal presents himself to King Danelforth and his daughter Delia. He tells them of the imminent danger from a dragon. The people of the capital go into despair and panic. Jackal tells them to “fear not” for he can slay the dragon for the most meagre rewards. King Danelforth promises him riches beyond his wildest dreams but Jackal says he only wants two things: a string of pearls and the hand of the king’s daughter. At that moment the dragon rears its head above the waterfall that lies just outside of the capital. The king acquiesces. Jackal marches off to slay the dragon with the king insisting he tag along, Delia begging him to remain.

As they reach the top of the waterfall the Jackal drops his disguise and confesses all to the king. He instructs the dragon to fake her own death from the top of the mountain so the people in the capital are convinced. The king backs away in horror realising he has been trapped. The Jackal drowns him and throws his body from the top of the falls. He makes himself bloody and dirty and returns to the kingdom with the king’s dead body.

The people of the capital weep as Delia hands Jackal the pearls and her hand.

Act Two, Scene One

The night before the wedding and the people of the capital are in celebratory mood. A new ruler in Queen Delia and now a handsome new husband. Delia however is not in a similar mood. She has been forced into this marriage and she does not trust Jackal. But it was her father’s agreement and she feels she must honour his memory. As the dawn approaches both Jackal and Delia tell their attendants of their feelings of the day ahead.

Of course it is at this moment that the dragon Eve visits Jackal under the cover of darkness to collect on the deal and learn the whereabouts of her child. He tells her that her child is dead. Eve threatens revenge, but Jackal remains unconcerned and advises she should run before he kills her for real this time.

Act Two, Scene Two

The wedding day is upon them. Everyone is present from across the Amoria. Jackal believes he has victory in his sights. At the wedding service is places the pearls around Queen Delia’s neck as a symbol of their bond. Everyone in the capital bursts into merriment and jubilation, everyone except Delia.

Suddenly there is a roar across the capital. It’s Eve. The dragon. Not on the waterfall this time, but on the roof of the cathedral. She smashes through the stained glass and slides into the ceremony. Delia now seeing the reality of the situation pulls the pearls from her neck and the scatter across the floor. Jackal, taking a step back, slips on the pearls and falls unconscious into the baptism pool. He drowns. Queen Delia calms Eve and invites her to stay. If other dangerous strangers see that there is a dragon in the capital they’ll just assume it’s dangerous, but the reality will be the city’s secret.

And so Queen Delia continued to rule as her father did with benevolence and Eve lived with her as the official guardian of the Amoria and the capital.

The Songs

Act One

  • The King of Cupid Town – the company
  • Hard to be a Hero/The Storm – Jackal and crew of The Bounteous
  • The Trial – Jackal and the citizens of Periculum
  • Oh Beautiful Amoria – the villagers
  • The Body on the Beach – the villagers
  • Terrible Trouble – Jackal and the villagers
  • Hard to be Hero (reprise) – Jackal and Eve
  • My Child – Eve
  • Chaos in the Capital/Terrible Trouble (reprise) – Jackal, King Danelforth, Delia and citizens of the capital
  • For a String of Pearls – Delia
  • March to the Mountain – King Danelforth, Delia and citizens of the capital
  • Waters Edge/Reveal – Jackal, King Danelforth and Eve
  • For a String of Pearls/Mourn the King of Cupid Town – Delia, Jackal and citizens of the capital

Act Two

  • The Next King of Cupid Town – Jackal
  • The Next Queen of Cupid Town/Married on the Morrow – Delia and citizens of the capital
  • Someone Must Remember – Delia
  • Married on the Morrow (reprise) – Jackal, Delia and attendants
  • A Deal’s a Deal/My Child (reprise) – Jackal and Eve
  • Oh Blessed Wedding Day – citizens of the capital
  • The Ceremony/Next Queen of Cupid Town (reprise) – Delia, Jackal and citizens of the capital
  • Did You Forget? – Eve
  • The Truth/Hard to be a Hero – Eve, Jackal and Delia
  • Your Happy Home – Delia
  • Oh Beautiful Amoria (reprise)/The King of Cupid Town (resprise) – the company

Musical Sketches and Song Examples