About me

Hi! I’m Della. Thanks for taking a look at my website. Here you’ll find information about me, my skills, my current projects and general things I’m thinking about in life etc. Briefly:

  • I play music (currently in a fantastic cabaret bar called Midnight Sun)
  • I compose music and songs (some of which I’ve included here)
  • I sing and perform those songs, as well as back up other acts at the club, including the amazing Vee
  • I detest Tv singing competitions – talentless, machine-made, hacks

The picture here is one that my friend Paolo drew of me. I don’t think I look like this, and I’m not sure what that is I’m supposed to be carrying, but he’s gay, so it’s anyone’s guess. You can find out a lot more about in me in the brilliantly named ‘About Me’ section.

Thanks for visiting.

The King of Cupid Town – a quick romance

The King of Cupid Town is my new musical. I’ve been working on a show for some time now. Mt heart is and always will be my cabaret work, but I felt it was time to bring some of the ideas I’ve had for this work into a longer story.

The story is a fantasy based in the magical and ancient land of Amoria. It tells the tale of a young traveller who is washed ashore in the kingdom, his rise to power and subsequent death at the very hands of the people who he trusted. You can learn more about my plans for the show by clicking on the button below. Details including the full synopsis, song listing and some musical sketches I’ve been working on so far.



Okay, first – yes I know I haven’t posted in an age. Some of us have been busy trying to keep our job and fending off the ever increasing influence of letters of the alphabet. So I don’t get it. I’m sorry but I don’t. Dan has let the bar... read more
The (New) King of Cupid Town

The (New) King of Cupid Town

It’s done, it’s changed. I had an epiphany and I wrote it all down. The last week has been an outpouring of creativity – call it therapy. The King of Cupid Town is ready to be written. It’s all making sense now. I don’t want heroes. I... read more